Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crazy about Cabling

This week has been so crazy, but to help relieve the frustration I bought some beautiful Cotton ease to make a Baby Surprise jacket for a dear friend's baby girl. I visited her while on my vacation and it was so good to see her and her beautiful baby girl Morgan. She is perfect in every way- eyes, fingers, and toes. I was able to hold her for a bit before she didn't like my style (she likes to be held up). Anyways, the color that I chose is berry, which looks more like a soft pinkish mauve. I can't wait to get started on it and choose some great girly buttons for her new jacket. As far as my finished objects (FO's) I was so excited to finish my holding hands, feeding ducks scarf out of chunky malabrigo in the sealing wax colorway. I couldn't wait to get it done so that I could wear it to school. It is the most lovely thing to me right at this moment.
I am really excited about this weekend! I am treating myself to a day of learning to cable knit in Elk Grove. The yarn shoppe is celebrating another anniversary so I am going to hang out and knit, and learn something new. What a perfect day to spend a Saturday afternoon. I can't wait! I'll keep you posted......

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

From The Woods to the Water

It seems like DH and I have been doing lots of traveling the last few weeks and it feels great. We managed to get out and go to Monterey this weekend for a mini anniversary trip. We were in Apple Hill the weekend before and decided it would be nice to see the water and waves for a change. We drove up and spent the time doing whatever came along. Athough I had skimmed the internet for yarn shops in the area 30 minutes before we left for our trip I decided not to go to any of them. I thought I would leave that for next time, next month :O) We enjoyed a great dinner at The Fish Hopper where we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of sea gulls, pelicans, and seals and tasty food. I savored my Macadamia Nut crusted Hailbut with sweet potatoes and broccoli. Who would have ever thought that sweet potatoes and halibut would pair so well?? I was so in to my dinner it was crazy. I devoured every bite. Afterwards, we took a nice ride over to Carmel (a small thought came to mind-yarn shop here! But pushed it outta my mind) where we strolled the district and had tea and pastries for our dessert to end a perfect night.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Little Trip to A Very Sweet Place

This morning the air was quite cold and rain was here to stay for the day. DH and I went to Apple Hill for the day and it was beautiful. I had my light jacket and my favorite hot pink scarf which was perfect for the light drizzle coming down.When we arrived we stopped at one little farm where we tasted several varieties of apples. We picked up some honey and some chestnuts. The lady was even nice to let me pick a pod from the tree so that I could show my students back in the classroom. The pod reminded me of a dark brown sea urchin, but very, very pointed ends Ouch! Next, we stopped at Abel Acres where we walked around and smelled yummy things cooking and baking. DH settled on a lunch sandwich, where I went straight for some apple pie a la mode. Of course I shared and it was delicious digging into the flakey crust and cool ice cream as we watched the rain drizzle down. We left Abel's with two warm pies in hand off to our next farm. We drove around Apple Hill and winded back to where we began. Before leaving we stopped at another farm and picked up two beautiful hand painted birds for Christmas presents for the in-laws. On our way back to town I had to stop at my favorite shop The Yarn Shoppe and purchased three skeins of Chunky Misty Alpaca and signed up for a class for cabling later this month.
It was a great day to get up into the hills and see the bright autumn leaves and oooo and ahhh about the pumpkins and apples.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Perfect Knitting Time

The air is cold, and the liquid amber trees are shedding thier beautiful leaves laden with yellow, orange and red. Fall is here and I am excited. I been knitting like crazy the past few months especially making loads of beautiful hats for friends and family members. I really dove in about the middle of summer after coming back from New York in July, which really inspired me. The one shop that I visited there Knitty City, was beautiful and calm. Upon opening the door I found colors and textures that I had never seen before. I picked up Zimmerman's pattern and DVD for the BSJ and some yarn and another pattern book for socks. I could say that I was very delighted when I had a bag full of good memories.
So, here I sit with a pot of barley soup on the stove and a WIP in my hand and the cool air~ what else could you ask for?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Loving this place!

Yesterday I went with my fellow teacher who was looking for some size 7 circulars. Well the one shop was closed so we decided to go to another one that I had been invited to but have never been to close to home. It was a beautiful home and inside it was all types of yarns. It was great feeling and touching everything inside. We sounded like two giddy people ohh, and ahh'ing over everything. The ladies were wonderful and so nice. I am definately going there again, for the yarn and the warm fuzzies. Thanks to The Kitting Room in Lodi.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Yes, I know it has been a LONG time since I have blogged, but I have a good reason. Kids, kids, and school. Yes, being a first year teacher is really hard work, not to mention every other thing that I need to do in my own personal life. I've already started cleaning out my yarn bins and organizing everything from needles, yarn, stitch holders and books. I am about 1/4 there, but it is a start. I am so glad to have two weeks off it feels great to have some me time for a change. I started my vacation with a trip to the LYS and I had a fab time. I bought some great yarn (I already have lots of this already, but who's counting?) I spent all day yesterday casting on for a pair of socks and I am really excited about them. I think this year I am focusing on making some gifts for Christmas. I always try and make gifts but it never gets done. This year I am going to try to accomplish this task.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

man, what a mess I've gotten myself in..

I have been trying to post all week, but for some reason I couldn't get in with my password, so I ended up starting all over. This past week was such a crazy thing. I had meeting after meeting and then on top of all that-I got the flu from my kids. There have been at least 4-5 absent each day, and I am glad that they stayed home. Poor kids! I really felt bad for them because they just didn't feel good to come to school, and what good would it do, they were obviously sick. Anyhow, I barely got through the week. I ended up going to the teacher store and picking up some supplies and then came home and crashed and I mean literally crashed on the couch. I was so sick that I couldn't even talk. I had no energy to even cover myself up with the blanket so I just fell asleep until DH stepped in and brought me some cough medicine. He's so great.
So, with all of the meetings and being sick, I didn't have the energy to pick up and knit this week. But oh, I wanted to though, but I needed to reserve my energy and now I am feeling much better. I still have two scarves on my needles that I need to get done before spring. I wish I could have finished the one with Cascade, so I could wear it tomorrow, but I will have to wait...

A repost-blog

Well, today I woke up late, which I wanted to be able to sleep in one more time before going back to work on Monday. I am usually not a morning person, but I have adapted to becoming an early bird with lots and lots of coffee. I spent the weekend knitting and crocheting, which I probably will not be able to do much of during this work week. I am pretty content though. I knitted to my hearts desire and picked up some great books during my winter break. I was able to thumb through them and ooo and ahhh..over the great patterns I can wait to get my fingers on. I've met some more great people on Raverly especially Marly who I have been listening to on YarnThing. I jumped in and have committed myself to making the Pucker Purse with her and the other great people on the forum. I am looking forward to getting some great yarn, since my stash is really low. I haven't decided what colors I want to use, which is quite alright with me because this gives me a chance to go to my LYS