Sunday, January 27, 2008

man, what a mess I've gotten myself in..

I have been trying to post all week, but for some reason I couldn't get in with my password, so I ended up starting all over. This past week was such a crazy thing. I had meeting after meeting and then on top of all that-I got the flu from my kids. There have been at least 4-5 absent each day, and I am glad that they stayed home. Poor kids! I really felt bad for them because they just didn't feel good to come to school, and what good would it do, they were obviously sick. Anyhow, I barely got through the week. I ended up going to the teacher store and picking up some supplies and then came home and crashed and I mean literally crashed on the couch. I was so sick that I couldn't even talk. I had no energy to even cover myself up with the blanket so I just fell asleep until DH stepped in and brought me some cough medicine. He's so great.
So, with all of the meetings and being sick, I didn't have the energy to pick up and knit this week. But oh, I wanted to though, but I needed to reserve my energy and now I am feeling much better. I still have two scarves on my needles that I need to get done before spring. I wish I could have finished the one with Cascade, so I could wear it tomorrow, but I will have to wait...

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