Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crazy about Cabling

This week has been so crazy, but to help relieve the frustration I bought some beautiful Cotton ease to make a Baby Surprise jacket for a dear friend's baby girl. I visited her while on my vacation and it was so good to see her and her beautiful baby girl Morgan. She is perfect in every way- eyes, fingers, and toes. I was able to hold her for a bit before she didn't like my style (she likes to be held up). Anyways, the color that I chose is berry, which looks more like a soft pinkish mauve. I can't wait to get started on it and choose some great girly buttons for her new jacket. As far as my finished objects (FO's) I was so excited to finish my holding hands, feeding ducks scarf out of chunky malabrigo in the sealing wax colorway. I couldn't wait to get it done so that I could wear it to school. It is the most lovely thing to me right at this moment.
I am really excited about this weekend! I am treating myself to a day of learning to cable knit in Elk Grove. The yarn shoppe is celebrating another anniversary so I am going to hang out and knit, and learn something new. What a perfect day to spend a Saturday afternoon. I can't wait! I'll keep you posted......

Happy Knitting!

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