Sunday, October 12, 2008

From The Woods to the Water

It seems like DH and I have been doing lots of traveling the last few weeks and it feels great. We managed to get out and go to Monterey this weekend for a mini anniversary trip. We were in Apple Hill the weekend before and decided it would be nice to see the water and waves for a change. We drove up and spent the time doing whatever came along. Athough I had skimmed the internet for yarn shops in the area 30 minutes before we left for our trip I decided not to go to any of them. I thought I would leave that for next time, next month :O) We enjoyed a great dinner at The Fish Hopper where we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of sea gulls, pelicans, and seals and tasty food. I savored my Macadamia Nut crusted Hailbut with sweet potatoes and broccoli. Who would have ever thought that sweet potatoes and halibut would pair so well?? I was so in to my dinner it was crazy. I devoured every bite. Afterwards, we took a nice ride over to Carmel (a small thought came to mind-yarn shop here! But pushed it outta my mind) where we strolled the district and had tea and pastries for our dessert to end a perfect night.

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