Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Little Trip to A Very Sweet Place

This morning the air was quite cold and rain was here to stay for the day. DH and I went to Apple Hill for the day and it was beautiful. I had my light jacket and my favorite hot pink scarf which was perfect for the light drizzle coming down.When we arrived we stopped at one little farm where we tasted several varieties of apples. We picked up some honey and some chestnuts. The lady was even nice to let me pick a pod from the tree so that I could show my students back in the classroom. The pod reminded me of a dark brown sea urchin, but very, very pointed ends Ouch! Next, we stopped at Abel Acres where we walked around and smelled yummy things cooking and baking. DH settled on a lunch sandwich, where I went straight for some apple pie a la mode. Of course I shared and it was delicious digging into the flakey crust and cool ice cream as we watched the rain drizzle down. We left Abel's with two warm pies in hand off to our next farm. We drove around Apple Hill and winded back to where we began. Before leaving we stopped at another farm and picked up two beautiful hand painted birds for Christmas presents for the in-laws. On our way back to town I had to stop at my favorite shop The Yarn Shoppe and purchased three skeins of Chunky Misty Alpaca and signed up for a class for cabling later this month.
It was a great day to get up into the hills and see the bright autumn leaves and oooo and ahhh about the pumpkins and apples.

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