Friday, October 3, 2008

Perfect Knitting Time

The air is cold, and the liquid amber trees are shedding thier beautiful leaves laden with yellow, orange and red. Fall is here and I am excited. I been knitting like crazy the past few months especially making loads of beautiful hats for friends and family members. I really dove in about the middle of summer after coming back from New York in July, which really inspired me. The one shop that I visited there Knitty City, was beautiful and calm. Upon opening the door I found colors and textures that I had never seen before. I picked up Zimmerman's pattern and DVD for the BSJ and some yarn and another pattern book for socks. I could say that I was very delighted when I had a bag full of good memories.
So, here I sit with a pot of barley soup on the stove and a WIP in my hand and the cool air~ what else could you ask for?

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