Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year to Be Thankfrul

So, I know..It has been a very LONG time since I have blogged but what better time than the night before the New Year. Kind of like getting a head start right..well, it was worth the shot. Anyhow over the past few months I've been busy with a new school year which has been terrific. The kids are great and I think we both have settled in nicely. Still not sure what is going to happen next year due to the budget but all I can do is keep my knitting fingers crossed. Like I told someone the other day we don't have much control over our economy but we sure have control on what we do in our homes and how we react. So with that in mind, I've come to realize that knitting has become my savior this year. I have to be very thankful that DH and I are in a wonderful place and will be celebrating our 10 Year next year. That is something to jump up and dance on the ceiling about!

Field Trips:
I've been trying to visit as many shops as possible when on trips and it has been fantastic. I was able to go to Imagiknits in San Francisco during the summer which is always a wonderful place to shop. I just seem to walk in and lose my knitting mind with all of the wonderful fibers all packed into that itty bitt shop. I was also able to visit a shop in Walnut Creek during the Thanksgiving break called La Boutique. I ended up purchasing some Lorna's worsted in Edgewater and some sport in Black Pearl. During our Anniversary we strolled over to Napa and I was able to visit a very nice shop in the downtown area. I ended up pick up some Jasper where I was able to start the Loop through scarf for Nana for Christmas. I loved the colors so much that I picked up the same colorway and I am going to make one myself and another one in the purple. Need to have more than one right? I think so.
Last week I went to a shop in Pleasanton called Knit this, Purl that for some Merino Silk in Malabrigo and Tupa to knit The Cedar Leaf Shawlette by Alana Dakos. I just fell in love with it and will be going back soon for sure.

Yesterday took a trip to Elk Grove to my favorite place Anna's Yarn Shoppe which is my home grounds for finding anything fibrous. There is a great selection and the back table is always stocked with warm and friendly friends knitting. I picked up some Alpaca to knit some more fetchings before the end of summer.

Lastly, I stopped by Knitique and picked up a swift to complement my ball winder which was a gift from my aunt along with two hanks of Punta Yarns Merisock Handpainted to make some socks . So as you can I've been quite the traveling person over the past four months.

Off the needles:
So Christmas is finally over and I can report that I successfully finished my projects the night before Christmas. Both scarves turned out wonderful and I couldn't be more happier. I was also able to knit a cabled hat for myself and a pair of baby warmers for Kate using Alana's pattern. They turned out very cute and the self striping yarn worked out perfect! I also was able to bang out a baby cabled hat for Stash and Burn's Nicole. Last week's podcast all of the listeners received the great news. She is having a Boy! So we are all getting together to knit up something for her. We could use her items that were flagged on Raverly or make up something of our own. Jenny will video tape her opening them up with will be a joy to watch. Congrats Nicole!!!

On the needles:
Well, the only thing that is on the needles at the very moment is the Cedar Leaf Shawlette for a dear friend of mine who is now fighting breast cancer. I think this project will be perfect while she defeats this disease.
Since I bought the Punta Yarns I think I might also cast on some socks for some mindless knitting.

Nuts and Bolts.
Did I tell you that I have some exciting news...Well, yes, I do! I recently entered in a drawing for the Never Not Knitting and I won! How Fab is that! A total shock after coming back from the dentist and finding the package there at my doorstep. It was utter bliss. Thank you Alana!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blog Hoppin at The Character Cafe

I have to tell you all about a great new website that I have recently been introduced to by a talented scrapbooking buddy (Billie)! This site has some wonderful digi stamps. What are they you say??? Well, they are stamps that are placed in a format where you can purchase through Paypal and are sent directly to you for you to print from your printer. You can resize them and what a wonderful new way to introduce stamps especially for a person like me who gets a hair brain idea at the last minute. I was soooo excited because I entered Name That Fairy Contest and I WON!! I chose the name Nissa because she looked so much like a little friendly elf and just was so sweet!! Anyhow Kendra was so nice to send her to me as part of winning the contest! I took a print and colored her up tonight with my Prismas and added some Diamond Stickles to her dress and wings. I thought it was only right to add some Fairy Dust to a sweet little fairy...Now, I need to put her together on a card. I've just been admiring her all day...

Anyhow today!!! Today!!! is The Character Cafe's Blog hop where you will get to meet Billie and the rest of the Design Team that Kendra and Kelly selected. They have each taken one of the digi's and designed a card for the hop. Be sure to hop on over there because once you are done following the hop you will be left with a code that you can purchase their digi's at a 50% discount including a chance to be entered into a drawing....What are you waiting for....HOP on over there!!! The Character Cafe

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Going through Withdrawls

I've been quite busy the past week. I had to attend a training for a new program and it has been mentally draining which leaves me no energy to scrap when I get home. I went to Jo's last week with my MIL and she bought the Cuttlebug machine for me, which I love!!! Thanks MIL!!!! Anyhow, I did get to play around with it prior to my start of the week. I can't wait until the weekend where I can continue where I left off. The two cards that I did make I combined the Cricut cart Walk in the Garden and some Stickles to accent the words along with the Cuttle. Aren't they just the cutest things??? I think so too. I did have time to do some knitting this week which was pretty great since my shoulder hasn't bothered me as much. Funny thing though during my training and me knitting right there along came a lady who was standing there with an Alpaca baby!! YES! I was actually knitting using some Baby Alpaca when along came the same animal...What are the chances of that happening to you? Anyhow, looking forward to a great weekend and getting some time to work on what I love to do most...tootles...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Great Love of Mine

It's been about three weeks since I felt the aching pain running down my shoulder into my fingers. I was miserable because knitting has been a great comfort of mine the past few years. It something that a knitter has a difficult time explaining to a non-knitter the feeling you get. The almost calming, relaxing pleasure when you needles are click-clacking together. Almost every evening I would pick up my sticks and knit for about a half an hour and I had to literally stop. I was having trouble sleeping with the pain shooting in my shoulder. I tried to learn the other method but I felt uncomfortable almost like riding a bicycle backwards. So I made the decision to take a break. Well, I knew I needed to find something else to keep my hands busy so I began scrapping again. I bought a new Cricut Expression and it has opened my eyes up to endless projects. I had already stashed away my other scrapbooking stuff so I dug it out and couldn't believe that I had acquired so much! I have found my nitch again and although I still feel guilty of abandoning my knitting I know it is for the best. So now that I have two wonderful hobbies I felt it was only right to rename my blog. The name came from my love of knitting and my new found love of scrapping....I give you the Scrappin' Knitster!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Turning over a new leaf

It's a new year and it has been a long long time since I have posted. I've done so much over the past few months that I haven't had the time to even share. In March my DH and I visited family in Tahiti. It was such a breathtaking experience from start to finish. We only spent a short amount of time visiting but the visit felt like a lifetime for the amount of things we did while we were on the island. We were able to visit many family members as well as pay respect to those that were no longer with us. We traveled around the whole island thanks to our great uncle. We saw where the Bounty came and docked and it was a breathtaking. We swam with the fish in clear blue waters and ate poussion cru and lovely crepes. I was dearly sad to go as life there was so simple and so beautiful. Once I arrived back on our mainland I decided to simplfy my life and take life in strides rather than be in a rushed mode all of the time. I wish one day to go back and visit the beautiful islands of Tahiti and Moorea..As the song says I left my hear in San Francisco, well, I left a part of mine in Tahiti for its beautiful people and culture.......