Thursday, June 11, 2009

Going through Withdrawls

I've been quite busy the past week. I had to attend a training for a new program and it has been mentally draining which leaves me no energy to scrap when I get home. I went to Jo's last week with my MIL and she bought the Cuttlebug machine for me, which I love!!! Thanks MIL!!!! Anyhow, I did get to play around with it prior to my start of the week. I can't wait until the weekend where I can continue where I left off. The two cards that I did make I combined the Cricut cart Walk in the Garden and some Stickles to accent the words along with the Cuttle. Aren't they just the cutest things??? I think so too. I did have time to do some knitting this week which was pretty great since my shoulder hasn't bothered me as much. Funny thing though during my training and me knitting right there along came a lady who was standing there with an Alpaca baby!! YES! I was actually knitting using some Baby Alpaca when along came the same animal...What are the chances of that happening to you? Anyhow, looking forward to a great weekend and getting some time to work on what I love to do most...tootles...

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